FaceTransPlants (FTPs) are an art collection of 10,000 NFTs — digital caricatures and art collectibles that live on the Ethereum blockchain. Hand-drawn FaceTransPlants include human caricatures such as the Funky Lady, the Hipster and the Punk all dressed up in vivid, mocking features which inspire laughter and ridicule.

Join the FTPs Community to be taken along a Ridiculous journey of discovery of why FaceTransPlants became trapped on the Ethereum blockchain and how their fate can be salvaged. At the end of this journey the FTPs Community will be led to the FTPs PRE-SALE.

FaceTransPlants’s core utility will be to build and create better ways of viewing, experiencing and enjoying art via artistic/social events and technology.

The FaceTransPlants PRE-SALE date will be announced soon. Watch this space.

SCALE is a digital story-teller who creates unique caricature art pieces that satirise social phenomena. SCALE is inspired by the deterioration of the self and its exposure through vivid visuals and ridiculous images.

SCALE will be releasing a series of chapters and clues surrounding their identity which will only be available to the FTPs discord community. SCALE’s identity and winners of the #SCALEhunt will be announced close and prior to the FTPs PRE-SALE.  

Winners of the #SCALEhunt will be rewarded with a free FTPs NFT.

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